Monday, January 6, 2014

Great Resources and Websites for Making Money Online

Happy 2014! Is this the year you start making money online??

I make money online. It is hard. It is awesome. It is frustrating. It is slow growing... AND it is incredibly rewarding. Mostly, I make money online writing, so if you like to write, I DEFINITELY have something to offer you. But there are other opportunities here as well, so if you're not a writer, don't go skipping away now. Let's see if I can give you a little help too.

So where were we? Ah yes, making money online.

I have been making money online now since 2009, and though I still work full time in "real life," my part time online interests have definitely started to pay off in the last few years, even when I would go months without working on anything. How? Why? Well, I happen to have several means of "residual income." Instead of living off of up front payments and one time commissions, I make MOST of my online work literally work for me while I'm away.

What are my BEST residual income sources for making money online?
-List My Five
-My blogs
-My Amazon affiliate links & stores
-Google Adsense for Content
-Earnings from my poetry book: The Beauty of the Bohemian Life

I DO have other means of making money online that act as residual income, but they simply cannot be relied on as much... such as:
-Yahoo Contributor Network
-Guest posts

Now, if you DO actually have time to spend online FULL TIME, then let me tell you... you've got it made!!
You can do all the websites & resources I listed above, plus you can involve yourself in money making endeavors that require a little more time and effort day to day. Like...

-Amazon Mechanical Turk (or something similar)
-Stock trading
-Etsy (for artists and crafters)
-Writing assignments that pay up front
-Medical transcription
-A website and/or store

In 2014, whether you are doing part time work online or full time work online to make money, it is important that you just DO IT!!!

So, to help you all NOT to make excuses, I am going to give you a BIG ol' list of resources and websites to help you out in your online money making journey.

Hopefully 2014 will be the year that you find success in making money online.


How I Make Money Online: A Bohemian's Journey
My Five Favorite Sites to Write for and Earn Money
Writing Websites to Make Money On
Non-Writing Related Websites to Make Money On
Websites to Join When Making Money Online
List My Five
Ways to Write 50 List My Five Lists in 5 Days
The Hippie, Bohemian, Free-Spirit Guide to Getting a Job
Ten Websites to Write for and Earn Money
Sponsored Tweets
Easy and Effective Twitter Tips
My Absolute Favorite Websites
Cafepress (Custom Item Web Store)
Easy and Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your Online Writing
PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian on Facebook

I hope that this can help you all make money online in 2014.
Here's a little more advice before I go:

-Stop making excuses
-Have confidence in yourself and your abilities
-Do HEAVY research on any sites you use to make money online
-Do NOT invest money you can't afford to lose (almost all of the ways I make money online are FREE, but I also do not pay for website space or advertising, nor do I do stock trading or run a store I have to stock. Some money making endeavors DO require investment.)
-Understand that you will most likely not start making big money right away. But a few dollars a month could turn into a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a month after lots of hard work and dedication (and a few months or years.)
-Even if the people you love don't understand and support you - DON'T GIVE UP! There is a whole community of people online who DO understand and support you. When success comes around, so will your loved ones.

Good luck making money online in 2014!

Peace and Love,


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