Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bad News for Bubblews PLUS a Whole List of Revenue Sharing Sites to Try

Bubblews was awesome! It was a dream come true! I was finally making the kind of money off of my writing that could put me on the road to financial success in 2014. I was so happy! 

Notice I said "WAS."

I am pretty sure the Bubblews bubble has been popped.

Over the past few months, I have been trying (quite unsuccessfully) to get over $75 owed to me from Bubblews. Now, I know what you're thinking - LOTS of people complained about Bubblews not paying, but they were all scammers and cheaters so it made sense that they didn't get paid.

But I followed the rules. I promoted them. I drove lots of traffic to their site. And for awhile, I got paid steadily. It wasn't until I was less active on the site that I started to have payment issues. Maybe they were simply annoyed that I made over $50 for doing NOTHING but let my quality posts sit online and make me money. But isn't that the point?

So as of right now, I am not writing for Bubblews, nor am I advising that anyone else write for them. If they can resolve my payment issues, then I will surely be back. Because I did love that place. But until then...

BuhBYE Bubblews!

So with Bubblews out of my earning picture right now, what revenue sharing sites AM I focusing on? Well, there are these ones that I already use successfully:

And I would recommend these 4 sites for SURE! They always bring in money for me, I never have payment issues with them, and it is fun to write for them. (Especially List My Five and Squidoo - by far my favorites!)

But there are a few more revenue sharing sites that I am looking to get started with as well. 
(If you already write for any of these, please share your experiences in the comments section.)

I will keep you up to date on my progress, though I'm not sure when I'll get started.

For now, I am still slightly mourning Bubblews...

Peace and Love,


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  3. Sorry to hear that you are no longer getting paid.
    I am missing a few payments as well.
    My last one went through so I will stick it out for a while.

  4. Good luck on your bubblews journey. I also have also written there, but the site isn't good in paying. there's more complaints that thanks. I myself have 3 unpaid and 1 paid, so it's enough for me to leave. I am currently writing for one get paid to write site. I don't suggest Bubblews to my friends since it's too risky whether the site pays them even if they are not violating any rules. I only have 2 in mind, Expertscolumn and Snydle , but so far.. Snydle.com is the best.


  5. dailytwocents.com also pays per view. It doesn't pay for comments or shares but it does allow affiliate links and you're not limited to 10 posts a day. $5 buck threshold with a regular payday so you always know when to expect your money.

  6. Sorry about what happened to you on Bubblews....Miss you much! ~Beaufly

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