Monday, June 24, 2013

Bubblews FTW

My Bubblews Bank right before a redemption.
I know I said I would be back as soon as I got my first payout from Bubblews, so I'm sorry, but I have been busy! (Including busy MAKING MONEY on BUBBLEWS!)

I have made about $250 on Bubblews already, and am to a point now, that if I wrote and interacted everyday, I could easily pull in $200 a month from Bubblews alone. THAT is how great this site is!

As I have been busy though and NOT writing or interacting, I've actually been able to note how Bubblews does as a strictly residual means of income as well, and even in THAT area, Bubblews is outperforming a lot of my other sites.

Not even 100 posts on Bubblews and I made around $10 in 2 weeks doing NOTHING. Not even promoting any posts on Twitter or anything. Literally, NOTHING.

So basically, Bubblews is the best writing site. Great for those who interact, and even pretty good for those who just want to put up 100 or so articles and just let it earn.

Because I believe in Bubblews, think it's the best, and pretty much LOVE it, I am giving my OFFICIAL STAMP OF APPROVAL to Bubblews and recommending it to anyone who can write at least 400 characters and follow website rules. ;)

I will be there for a LONG time, believe me. So feel free to join me (ponchomeg) and start making AT LEAST $25-$200+ a month.

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Peace and Love,


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