Saturday, March 16, 2013


I just had to come back here and say more about Bubblews. Though I haven't made the first payout just yet, I am accumulating a lot of money in my bank every day.  If I had more time to write, I would probably have made payout already. Seriously. Check out what I have done so far.

Bubblews is great because you can write pretty much WHATEVER YOU WANT! Short stories, articles, lists, recipes, how-tos, diary entries, poems, etc.

And you get paid for views, comments, likes, clicks, and shares as long as you follow the rules.

We have the right to remove (and not pay out) any account that partakes in the conduct listed below:
1. Submitting content that you did not write yourself. Copying content from other websites around the internet is stealing and Bubblews will never pay you for that.
2. Abusing our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and requesting for them through other Bubblews' members.
3. Utilizing Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies, Virtual Private Network and other forms of IP manipulation is stealing from Bubblews.
4. Submitting posts that only contain pictures and/or containing very limited text is prohibited as this is not content our advertisers like to pay for.
5. Posting Pornographic/semi-pornographic images and/or content to Bubblews.
6. Posting LESS THAN 400 characters per post.
7. Posting material not written in English (Only exception is if you supplement your post with an English translation).
Source: Bubblews Website

I LOVE it!

They also have a referral program that allows you to earn money off of each referrals' first article. The amount of money you earn varies throughout the day. As I write this, mine is pretty high, so if you want to sign up, click here to get started on Bubblews.

Once you join, feel free to connect with me: ponchomeg

I am looking forward to the plethora of ideas I can write about here... are you? If so, sign up. It's free, it's easy, it's fun, and it can make you money.

And I'll be there to help you.

Peace and Love,


  1. I joined Bubblews on 06/03/13 ... today is 06/09/13, I have 22 articles and I've made $7.62.. That's not a lot of money by no means, but for a writing site, to make that in 6 days and to get 450 views, that's pretty darn good. Especially when you consider that I had over 100 articles on Squidoo (they keep deleting or blocking some of my articles, as they see fit, there's never a good reason), but only 73 that are available for viewing, and I make barely $5 per month on all those articles. I've written over 200 articles with Squidoo, but when they decide to shut one down, they do so and rarely do they "greenlight" it.. when Squidoo shut down my most popular article/lens, that was online for almost 4 years, I decided to slowly but surely move my articles elsewhere. Now when they decide to un-publish one of my articles, I no longer complain, I just move it to another, more profitable site.. I'm SICK of Squidoo ..

    Anyway (sorry about that rant), I'm really liking the Bubblews community.

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