Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updates on Blogdash, Starting on a New Site, and More

So... the Blogdash thing... not so successful yet.  I will give it a little while longer, but I am not going to think that THAT is the way to go in order to have a better year.

Especially since I have so many other things on my plate...

1. I sold a lot of my items locally, but I still have items to sell on eBay.

2. I am getting close to finalizing my second book of poetry.

3. I picked up the 2013 Writer's Market book and plan on submitting a lot of material

4. I'm trying a new residual income writing/social site called BUBBLEWS, which so far seems awesome.

For some more information on BUBBLEWS, check out their site and read this informative review from Hubpages: Is BUBBLEWS a Scam?

For me, my best information came from a writer friend of mine who recommended the site to me. She has already made payout multiple times (payout is $25) and likes the site.

Personally, I DO have some criticism, but I have to believe that the site is simply going through growing pains, just like eHow, just like List My Five, and just like a lot of other sites out there have done.

So far, I have but one post. It's on complaining: Views on Complaining

I will let you know when I make the first payout.

Peace and Love,



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